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Some Favorite Things



Jim and Angela Dixon - New friends and friends from long ago.


Johnson Publishing Co.

18-1/2 years spent with so many that I am honored to know and hope to be in touch with forever (me and Laurnetta).


South Africa-1997

Spent May of 1997 in South Africa, working but did  go on a safari to Kruger National Park (Ingrid and me).


Gertsie's 90th Birthday

We celebrated my grandmother, Gertsie's 90th in Collinsville, OK.


Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

Author of The Yearling, I like her story of a woman ahead of her time and since moving to Florida, appreciate her love for the native plants and animals of the state.


Christmas Cards

I have been creating our cards since 1986. Lost a few years along the way.


Chicago Commute

Commuted on the Burlington Northern for 20 years to Chicago. Wish now I had been vigilant about taking photos. Union Station is a slice of the world but never wanted to offend anyone by taking their photo. Many of these images are borrowed.


World Champion Chicago Cubs

They did it! 2016 World Series Champions


Downers Grove, IL

We lived in Downers Grove, about 28 miles west of Chicago for almost 30 years. Tyler and Rachel graduated from DG North High School. This is a collection of my photos and other sources on the web.

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